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Money transfer services with cash points in USA and Turkey

ServiceFeeLocations in USACash pickup in Turkey
0$ - 500$: 11$
501$ - 750$: 16$
751$ - 1000$: 18$
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Locations in USA:
3273 addresses in 511 cities
Cash pickup in Turkey:
no addresses found
1$ - 100$: 15$
100.01$ - 200$: 22$
200.01$ - 300$: 29$
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Locations in USA:
31168 addresses in 1857 cities
Cash pickup in Turkey:
7006 addresses in 71 cities
Locations in USA:
4 addresses in 4 cities
Cash pickup in Turkey:
2003 addresses in 75 cities

Compare the best money transfer services from USA to Turkey.

How to make it quick and easy to send money from USA to Turkey? Compare money transfer providers with a cash pickup option in Turkey - save on fees and find the nearest address to transfer money.

We figured out how to send money from USA abroad. At the same time, avoid scammers and not go broke on commissions

The easiest and most affordable method of converting from USA to Turkey

If your bank is not under sanctions, you just need to issue a SWIFT transfer as before and wait until it is processed. Usually this happens within 1-4 business days, but now the time may increase. The situation is constantly changing and it is impossible to be sure which bank will be sanctioned next, turn off transfers or introduce new fees. In addition, any transfer can get stuck in the system indefinitely. The sending bank and the receiving bank may not solve the problem. In this case, one can only guess about the date of receipt of money.

How to use foreign bank cards

How it works: To do this, you will need to open an account with a foreign bank. Russians can do this in the banks of Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia There are two ways to open an account

  • Travel to the country to open an account in person
  • Do everything through an intermediary, for whom you will have to draw up a power of attorney and transfer important personal documents to him: passport scans, applications, etc.

When you open an account, all you have to do is download the mobile banking application, replenish it from your Russian MIR card, SWIFT transfer in foreign currency or transfer in rubles. And then - use at your discretion.

Some banks stop registering Russians, and some ask to show residence permits, housing leases or employment contracts in the country where the account is opened. Otherwise, registration may be denied. In addition, many banks refuse the MIR payment system, so after creating a card, you can only replenish it with a SWIFT transfer or cash in the country of opening.

Site comparing systems for transferring money from USA to Turkey

International payment services are platforms that do not require bank details or bank accounts to send transfers. Suitable for: those who travel to Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, CIS countries. For the European Union, the method is less suitable, although in some EU countries there is also the opportunity to accept a transfer - for example, in Greece, Cyprus or the Czech Republic. The current list of countries where you can send money from Russia is in the applications of the payment systems themselves. How it works: First you need to register in one of the international transfer services.

Transfers are made in rubles, but they will reach the recipient in the currency of the country in which they are located. You can transfer up to 600 thousand rubles per month, while for each transfer you will have to pay 1-3% commission. You can send currency online or through the operator's branch. To send, you will need to present your passport, indicate the full name, phone number and address of the recipient. Well, the amount of the transfer, of course. On average, transfer restrictions are the same everywhere, with the exception of a small difference up or down.

If you still have doubts about choosing a payment system, then we recommend using our service so that you can understand how to send money from USA where you are located to Turkey. We will give a list of current systems, as well as the main conditions with their interaction.


How to calculate taxes on foreign payments?

At the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of receipt of money in rubles. If for some reason the bank's rate on that day was higher than the rate of the Central Bank (the rarest situation), the "benefit" received is also taxed. It is easier to track this point than to deal with additional calculations.

What is the commission of your service?

We do not charge any commission from users of our system.

How trustworthy is the information on your site?

The information on our website is transparent, independent and verified by third party experts.